Aneta Filipová


2016–2020 Sculpture 1 (L. Rittstein)
2014–2015 Sculpture 2 (J. Příhoda)
2011–2015 PedF MU Brno, Special Art Education for Education (P. Kamenický, M. Nováková)


2018 The Cooper Union, New York (D. Adams, D. Ashford, A. Westphal, A. Farmiga)

Filipová’s monumental abstract sculpture features utopian architecture set into an imaginary metropolis. The latter is referred to by spiraling vertical arms that stretch into space, and a “base” inspired by the urban structure of big cities. The technological solution of the sculpture is also important, for the artist works with a rather untypical material, exploring and employing its interferential phenomena. She further highlights its physical qualities via screening and playing with light fraction, which connects the platform with the arms and thus unites the fictitious metropolitan system into a single whole.

Making of the sculpture was financially supported by: Roman Werner & MUDr. Tereza Dvořáková, projekt Weldcrew