Anna Svobodová


Internships and studio transfers

2018–2019 Ateliér architektonické tvorby / Škola Miroslava Šika
2015–2018 Ateliér architektonické tvorby / Škola Emila Přikryla

What should people know about your work?

Two assignments: an apartment building in Vršovice and a sports ground.

An apartment building is a conventional architectural assignment which primarily aims to examine a student’s craftsmanship and typological skills.

“Sport in the City” is the title of the assignment; my theme, however, is WALL, BASTION. I investigate, reconstruct, propose ways to get through it.

How do you see yourself and your work five years from now?

Wake up, look around, inhale… and take a step forward
Draw, outline, design… and draw again
Discuss, haggle, negotiate… and convince
Watch, listen… and hear out
… lie down and get up again.