Antonín Sondej


Internships and studio transfers

2016–2019 Ateliér grafiky I / Škola Dalibora Smutného
2013–2016 Ateliér grafiky I / Škola Jiřího Lindovského

What should people know about your work?

The perspective of a stranger has as little in common with our own as a drawing does with a badly executed print, where black shadows are represented by an empty surface and lights by some obscure outlines. Furthermore, it can happen that what remains unprinted is a feature that has no basis in reality; we only see it out of vanity. The element that on the other hand seems to have been added may be the thing that truly belongs to us, but in such an essential way that we don’t even notice it. Therefore, a peculiar print like that with so little likeness sometimes has the same truthfulness; unflattering, but as useful as an x-ray. Objectivity thus becomes a Sisyphean task, but all the more serious and necessary.

How do you see yourself and your work five years from now?