David Fesl


2014–2020 Malba 2 / Painting 2 (V. Skrepl)


2019 UMPRUM Praha, Visiting Artist Studio (D. Maljković)
2019 UMPRUM Praha, Visiting Artist Studio (N. Beier)
2017 UMPRUM Praha, Sculpture (E. Jeřábková, D. Lang)
2017 Intermedia 3 (T. Vaněk)

During his residence and two sojourns in an unnamed small Greek island between 2017 and 2019, David Fesl encountered the local independent community whose members live on making original decorations and jewelry. They create the pieces either in the caves they inhabit or on beaches, selling them to tourists and also using them to embellish their dwellings and surroundings. Fesl’s diploma researches this phenomenon, which he documented in photographs and simultaneously tried to approach it from a deeper level. He adopted the methods employed by the locals (such as creating decorative strings, knotting, and threading) as well as the way of connecting mismatching things in situations when a person has only limited possibilities. He began producing his original objects of materials found in his civilization field. He understands this work – handcrafted, lengthy and based on careful organization – as relating to the world around him, and views his artifacts as somewhere on the verge between sculpture and jewelry; as micro-stories told via subtle relations between the materials used and their details. An inherent part of the diploma is a performance when monovular twins guide visitors through the exhibition and tell the artist’s texts.