Dominik Adamec


2016–2020 Sculpture 2 (T. Hlavina)
2014–2016 Sculpture 2 (J. Zeithammel)


2019 Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The installation by Dominik Adamec is an artificial landscape of concrete modules composed on the principle of a puzzle and inhabited by paper sculptures reflecting the artist’s relation to religion and femininity. He departs here from the tradition of the sculptural torso but prefers the term “base” which, in his view, better describes the present-day relation of man to oneself. The reduction to mere physical essence stripped them of their identity, which only arrives via various applications of distinctly haptic character, called “adoptives” by the artist. Viewers can enter the space, touch the sculptures, and experience their corporeality. Literature is yet another field important for Adamec, and he thus integrated it to the installation as a series of performances that combine reading author’s texts and playing synthesizer-adapted chorales.