Eliška Havlíková


2018–2020 New Media 2 (K. Olivová, D. Alster)
2014–2018 New Media 2 (A. Daučíková)


2018 Intermedia 2 (D. Zahoranský, P. Sceranková)
2017 FAMU Praha, Staged Direction (P. Marek)

The autobiographic author’s book, DON’T FEAR, is a raw record of a lesbian love affair. The individual fragments of the account, chronologically progressing from the beginning of the relationship to its end, also discuss the form of how present-day young generation communicates. The text offers several layers of reading. It contains memories of particular situations, gradually unveiling the artist’s personal life, which is shared flat out. The presented complex human relationships and gender issues have the form of docudrama. The book is not only a classic can romantic love story: because we, along with the artist, gradually realize that things are not always what they seem to be, and experience the story from a completely different perspective.