Helena Jiráková / Helush Yiraq


2018–2020 Intermedia 3 (T. Vaněk)
2016–2018 Intermedia 2 (D. Záhoranský, P. Sceranková)
2014–2015 Intermedia 2 (J. Příhoda)
2012–2014 Scholastika Praha, Graphic Design, Conceptual Studies, Art History
1997–2003 PedF ZČU Plzeň, Art Instruction and Czech Studies for Secondary Schools


2018 Middlesex University London (T. Spinks)
2016–2018 FaVU VUT Brno, Performance (T. Ruller)
2015 New Media 2 (A. Daučíková)

Helush Yiraq has long pursued interesting, but also inconspicuous natural phenomena occurring at particular places, and usually highlights their existence via performances. Once in the Prague district of Butovice, she was captured by a ray of light cast through an oval ceiling opening onto the wall and the paving of the local subway station (1988). Just as the station architect, Petr Šafránek, intended, designing a space filled with natural light. The road that roofs the ceiling is south-oriented, and the intervention hence produces both a sundial and a calendar. The station thus generates similar mystery like the British Stonehenge monument and the space behind the St Vitus Cathedral, which viewers witness at sunset during the solstice, phenomena which the artist translated into the title of her diploma work.