Jakub Rajnoch


2018–2020 New Media 1 (T. Svoboda)
2015–2018 Intermedia 2 (P. Sceranková, D. Zahoranský)
2014–2015 Sculpture 2 (J. Zeithamml)


2019 HfG Karlsruhe

The main subject of Jakub Rajnoch’s installation is film projection, i.e. something that cinema visitors naturally ignore as a mere technical prerequisite for the moving picture. The artist, on the contrary, shifts their attention to the very medium of projection, which is space between the projector and the screen. His installation consists of several projectors interconnected by optical fibers. Each projector produces its specific visual tracks; however, some do not have lamps, and light is provided by optical fibers from another projector. This results in the manipulation of the entire process of film projection, thus provoking viewers to question what they do see on the screen.