Lukáš Hofmann (Saliva)


2014–2020 Intermedia 3 (T. Vaněk)
2012–2014 FA ČVUT Praha


2019 Korean National University of Arts, Seoul
2016 UMPRUM Praha, Sculpture (D. Lang, E. Jeřábková)
2016 Hosting Educator (I. Németh)


2018 Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého

Lukáš Hofmann (aka Saliva) mainly pursues the medium of performance. His collective choreographies ooze a peculiar sense of sensitivity, based on (anti-)corporeality of the protagonists, and aesthetics inspired by avant-garde fashion trends. He applies such “art direction” in both installations and curatorial practice, which is another of Hofmann’s generative activities. And since he attends the Intermedia studio, open to all forms of art practice, the subject of his diploma is curating an exhibition in FUTURA gallery. Its odd title – “Hairy earthtongue, weeping toothcrust, fairy rings.” – comes from the English nomenclature of mushrooms. These are, in a sense, also a metaphor of the artist’s oeuvre – they fascinate us with their mesmerizing forms, opulence and diversity, but also with their psychedelic effects and the mysterious life of their mycelia. Such phenomena cannot be explained by evolutionary theories only, which is why they play a significant role in many mythical narratives. One of the artists represented at Lukáš’s exhibition, Václav Girsa, is presented at the show as a guest with his 2007 diploma.