Sarah Dubná


2019–2020 Intermedia 2 (D. Zahoranský, P. Sceranková)
2014–2019 Painting 2 (V. Skrepl)


2019 Intermediální tvorba 2 (D. Zahoranský, P. Sceranková)
2017–2018 Universidad Complutense, Department Bellas Artes, Madrid
2017–2018 Intermediální tvorba 3 (T. Vaněk)
2016–2017 Ateliér hostujícího umělce (J. Hill)
2016–2017 Ateliér hostujícího umělce (Ch. Della Giustina)
2015–2016 VŠUP Praha, Fotografie (A. Vajd, V. Borozan)

Sarah Dubná’s diploma revolves around beekeeping. She has strong ties to it via the profession of her mother, a top-rank researcher in this field. However, she simultaneously tries to view it from the outside and a distance – as a form of interspecies cooperation between two autonomous systems, or as a parasitic coexistence of bees and humans. She, on the one hand, presents a literary text that seems to be raw testimonies of the beekeeping nerds and, on the other hand, a “functional sculpture” in the form of a wall, which will permanently divide the room of a study department. Its surface combines ecru earthen cast and ceramic tiles, which Dubná coated with new glazing and united the two materials by a figural drawing. She perceives the wall with the drawing, “parasitizing” on the host surface, as a metaphor of a beehive, where the facing and glazing refer to honeycombs.