Vojtěch Beran


2018–2020 Architecture (M. Šik) 2017– 2018 Architecture (E. Přikryl)
2011–2018 FA ČVUT Praha, Architecture and Urbanism
2010–2011 FS TU Liberec, Mechanical Engineering


2019 Grafika 2 (V. Kokolia)
2015 Mimarlık Bölümü / Department of Architecture, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, İstanbul

The subject of the diploma submitted by Vojtěch Beran and Tereza Dvořáková from the School of Architecture is the reconstruction of a way station. The authors selected the pull-in Pávov near Jihlava at the very problematic and widely discussed D1 freeway, situated on its both sides. Highways and their pull-ins are a world of untenable values and glocal conflicts, being simultaneously deserted and crammed.

Vojtěch Beran solved the left side. He designed several isolated reinforced surfaces, maximally adapted to the purpose of a gas station and a parking lot for passenger cars, trucks, trailers, and so on. The individual islands of parking lots are combined with islands of greenery and rise with the natural inclination of the terrain. The first nature island is a base for drivers – it is an organically shaped building of Y ground plan. The roofing of the gas station opens up towards the forest and gradually changes into a house. The space between the restaurant and the shop is a resting zone, both visually and acoustically detached from the highway world. The roof outgrown with greenery is accessible and provides a view of the world below.