Marek Meduna


2004–2005 Painting 2 (V. Skrepl)

2002–2004 Painting 3 (M. Rittstein)
1999–2001 Visual Communication (J. David, V. Skrepl, V. Bromová)

The oeuvre of Marek Meduna, developed in many various me- dia, including painting, cannot be easily grasped by a summarizing depiction. Its unifying element is a conceptual approach and often direct working with language. Meduna arrived at this form as early as during his studies. However, the “concept” of his diploma paradoxically became the decision to create a series of paintings that would be “mere” paintings. They are interlinked by painterly form, which the artist at that time viewed as the diploma’s authentic contents. He even resolved to encompass several traditional painting genres at once, from still-life to portrait, landscape, etc. He depicted objects from his closest surrounding, as is the case of the canvas with the motif of tiles from his bathroom. This well proves one of the solved issues – illusive representation.