Václav Girsa


2001–2007 Painting (J. David, V. Skrepl)

Václav Girsa – a painter and author of objects and installations, but also a distinctive musician – entered the Academy in the late age of thirty-two, when he already was a mature artist professing an original style. He created some of the paintings from his extensive diploma collection with Silvina Arismendi and Alice Hilmarová; however, the presented canvas is his independent work. It displays all the qualities of Girsa’s peculiar oeuvre: the punk explosiveness, fondness of textual messages, and drawing character, along with a sense of color expression. The painting was selected as a sym- bol of the exhibition since it fulfills its concept in no less than two ways – the author is one of the “guests” and, at the same time, a crucial figure of the graduation exhibition of Lukáš Hofman.